Treatments Offered with IV Sedation

Benefits of IV Sedation are not restricted to surgical treatments only. IV Sedation should always be considered whenever the patient suffers anxiety, gagging or is medically prone to stress-induced emergencies.


Dr. Ads offers a wide range of surgical and restorative treatments with IV Sedation. He also sedates for other operators.

Minor Oral Surgery
  • Wisdom teeth removal

  • Ridge preservation

  • Gum graft

  • Implant

General Dentistry
  • Restorative dentistry

  • Root canal treatment

  • Crown and bridge

  • Scaling and root planning

Sedation for other operators

We do provide IV Sedation while other operators can provide their treatments.

*Dr. Ads currently practices general dentistry with & without IV Sedation

** A current Facility Permit is a must, type B or type A - IV Sedation or GA