Office requirements

Facility Permit

IV Sedation dentistry in Ontario can only be done in offices carrying a current facility permit issued by the RCDSO that allows "Parenteral Conscious Sedation or deeper". A type-B permit, type-A permit for Parenteral Conscious Sedation, or type-A permit for Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia is required.

Emergency Oxygen

Make sure your emergency size-E oxygen cylinder is full, portable, attached to a flow-meter, and ready with masks and tubing.

No Need for a recovery room

Recovery of the sedated patient has to be done while the patient is still attached to the monitors and the IV line, and under the direct supervision of the sedation dentist or a qualified sedation assistant (RN).


We recover our patient on the same chair, and we do not start another sedation case till the previous patient is fit for discharge and no longer requires monitoring.

*Dr. Ads currently practices general dentistry with & without IV Sedation

** A current Facility Permit is a must, type B or type A - IV Sedation or GA