Sedation Assistant

A Registered Nurse (RN) with current BLS certification (CPR-HCP), whose Primary function is:

  1. IV access

  2. Administering medication as ordered by the sedation dentist

  3. Assessing and maintaining a patent airway

  4. Monitoring vital signs

  5. Sedation record keeping

  6. Assisting in emergency procedures

If the sedation dentist is not performing the treatment, he assumes the sedation assistant responsibilities, i.e. no need for RN

Operative Assistant

Primary function is to keep the operative field free of blood, mucous, and debris.

An operative assistant is mandatory even if the treatment provided is scaling and root planning, either by a dentist or a hygienist.

Office Assistant

Attends to office duties, so the sedation team is not disturbed. The operative assistant can not carry out office duties while a patient is sedated.

*Dr. Ads currently practices general dentistry with & without IV Sedation

** A current Facility Permit is a must, type B or type A - IV Sedation or GA