What is "Visiting IV Sedation"?

Visiting IV Sedation is a mobile IV Sedation service offering IV Sedation Dentistry to dental offices in Ottawa on demand. Our vision is to make IV Sedation accessible in all dental offices in Ottawa to change the face of the dental experience. To help busy practice owners integrate our services, we provide the sedation equipment, nurses, implant kit, and even surgical instruments if needed.

Hesham Ads, DDS

Dr. Ads is a General Dentist graduated in 2007. After graduation, he spent a 1 year internhsip expanding his skills as a general dentist, and after a few years of practice, he joined a surgical residency for 3 years, where he strengthened his surgical skills to better serve his patients.


As a big believer in optimal patient experience, he then went for IV Sedation training at University of Toronto. Now Dr. Ads practices General Dentistry with a special focus on surgical procedures and IV Sedation, to help bring the required care closer to the patient.

*Dr. Ads currently practices general dentistry with & without IV Sedation

** A current Facility Permit is a must, type B or type A - IV Sedation or GA